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It’s winter here!  It’s funny, just a couple of weeks ago, or even a week ago, it was almost like summer, with the temperature of 26C or so.  Now it’s dropped to somewhere around 20C in the sun, even around 10 or below if the weather is crummy.


But that doesn’t mean people can’t go out to see the world!  Yes, the Japanese yen is very weak right at the moment, and everything overseas seems like a jewelry to all of us.  You got to realize, though,  that time can’t wait!  


I appreciate all the language schools and private/public schools, universities, vocational colleges, colleges….everyone who has been very very kind and wonderful to my business.  If I had a chance to say a small tiny wish, I would be delighted to have more educational institutions to work with.  (AND of course more clients!)


I’m looking for schools (language/vocational/universities, colleges…etc.) especially in the following countries:  


*     New Zealand

*     Australia (especially in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities.)

*     USA

*     Finland/Sweden (especially universities – studies in Education)


Other institutions are also welcome!  Please contact today!


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