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With the experience working at local Japanese educational institutions for over 10 years, and teaching young children, I have realized there are not much opportunities to learn how to communicate with people due to the advancement of technologies, declining of birthrate and aging population and other facts that are surrounding us.  Kotoba Kyoiku Kenkyushitsu, aka “Kotoba Education Institute” helps you not only learn English language, but improve your communication skills, which we believe is one of the most important skills to live in this world.  

We are also offering support for young children/adults/families with studying overseas.  If you landed on this web site looking for partnership, please go to “contact” and leave us a message stating so.  We will get back to you as soon as we can, and discuss our possible collaboration in the near future.

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English Conversation Lesson/Coaching

*   One-to-one
*   Group Lesson
*   Editing/Translation

Overseas Education Counseling

Language Studies (Short term, Long term, Group Education tours), High School,  College/University, Vocational School, Co-op, Parent and Child, Pathway, Teacher training etc.

Life Counseling

family issues, relationship issues


Our students send messages with pictures to tell us all about studying overseas.  
Read below for what they are experiencing.  (All in Japanese.)

M. H. from Victoria, BC, Canada

M was very eager to learn English before going to Canada.  She studied textbooks at home on her day off from work.  She tried writing English to me once a while to improve her writing skills.  So, she was ready to learn more when she arrived and wasn’t afraid to ask questions whenever she had some.  

She’s completed her course and is on Working Holiday program, enjoying her new lifestyle.  Now that she’s in the second stage of her stay in Canada, there isn’t much to help, however, I’m always here if she needs any support.  Keep up your great work!

N. I. from Dubai, UAE

She quit her role as an educator when I met her, seeking advice for her English language studies.  When she came to me first time, she was thinking either the Philippines or Montreal, Canada as her destination.  However, as we continued chatting, she decided it was Dubai that she would go for her language education.

Her efforts were just amazing!  She never hesitated to speak to her classmates to be friendly with them, or to try being with other students whose first language wasn’t her own.  She was very successful with her studies, to bring her level enough to communicate with others easily.    

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Kotoba Kyoiku Kenkyushitsu
Director Midori Wilson

【Assosiation etc.】
J-SHINE Certified teacher (Teaching assistant at elementary schools for 14 years )
JAOS certified  study abroad counselor
NLP master practioner

Originally from Tokyo, currently  based in Kagoshima.  After graduated from an international high school, I went to Vancouver, Canada to study Airline and Travel diploma course.  In April 1996,  I volunteered at the pre-open event at Vancouver International Airport.With some experience at clothing store and travel company, I traveled to Canada with Working Holiday program, engaging in the tourism industry as a travel consultant at a local agency.  The third landing in Canada was as an immigrant and worked at a receptionist at a resort hotel, followed by the position at a customer call centre of an American Food company.

Returned to Japan in 2004, and 5 years later, I moved to Kagoshima, where I am, and started my career as an assistant English teacher, which I have fully been enjoying ever since.  I have studied Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Child Phycology, and have started my own small business in July 2022.

I LOVE physical training.  I’m a marathon runner, and a Spartan Race lover.


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